Suzanne Boussaard

Client Service Specialist Macomb, IL

Suzanne joined IPI in January 2019 after retiring from Western Illinois University where she was the office manager for the Department of Military Science.  She was employed by Western Illinois University from 1994-1998, Illinois State University from 1998-2000, and returned to WIU in 2000.  


Early on, Suzanne worked at McDonnell Douglas Automation Company in St. Louis. This experience introduced her to Edward Boussaard, her future husband, who was employed with McDonnell Douglas in Den Haag, The Netherlands.   They married in 1983 and lived in The Netherlands for seven years.  During the seven years, she was employed temporarily at the Peace Palace and then worked full time at the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal.  She and her husband (now deceased) moved to the U.S. in December 1990 along with their daughter, Mariska.


Suzanne has one granddaughter and one grandson.  She enjoys traveling with her significant other, John, spending time with family and friends, babysitting her grandchildren, and attending their school activities.